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Wild Farm,

Here at The Cafe in The Park we have been waving the flag for sustainability since 2005. Our vegetables, fish, and meat are sustainably sourced from the British countryside and coast - linking our guests with local growers, fishers, and farmers and some more local than you would expect!

Last year, we took our sustainability one step further by acquiring a four-acre farm in Radlett. Here we grow a wide range of produce, edible flowers and keep chickens who provide eggs for use in our bakery.

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We grow our own seasonal produce on our four-acre farm, Wild Farm.

We believe that to get the best flavour through every dish, inspiration must come from nature and our dishes should be based on what we grow. 35 chickens lay eggs daily and are used in our bakery. Knowing where our produce comes from allows us to ensure high quality and nutritious ingredients are used in our dishes.


We operate in a circular economy to support the #farmtotable movement. We divert our food waste and cardboard recycling away from landfill and use it within Wild farm to create our 'no dig' growing beds and to feed chickens. The produce grown over time is then delivered back to site to be used in our delicious dishes and the cycle is then repeated, thus creating a circular economy. We also collect all coffee, fruit and vegetable peelings and transport them back to the farm to be used as compost.

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